Scholar Spotlight: Sara

IMG_0561Sara is a junior, she likes many of her classes this semester, but she continues to focus heavily on her art classes and her art in general, as she is hoping to take as many art classes as she can, eventually earning a place in the AP Portfolio class so she will have a portfolio to present to prospective colleges. She enjoys her art classes because they give her a chance to have fun while expressing herself creatively. Sara is still investigating her college options, but is very interested in attending an art school somewhere in California. After college, she wants to become a tattoo artist which would allow her to use her skills in a multitude of ways, also giving her the opportunity to do many different styles of art. What excites her about a career as a tattoo artist is being able to bring other people’s ideas to life for them, while still putting her own spin on them, that along with the often sentimental reasons behind people’s tattoos would make the job fulfilling for her. She likes the possibility of learning about people through art and getting to see what they care about. In addition, she would continue to produce other types of artwork outside of her job which she could display or even sell. Sara had fun on the trip she took to Colorado with BHGH this past summer and is looking forward to more trips and spending more time with those in the program. Outside of school, one of her favorite things to do is watch Tim Burton movies, an artist that inspires her because of his ability to think outside the box and approach a wide variety of subjects in ways that are out of the ordinary. She appreciates the way he creates kid’s movies that are atypical from the common Disney movie. She also enjoys books, TV shows, and movies that are on the fantastical side, saying that she loves how they are often able to pull you into the stories and characters in unconventional, but powerful ways.

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