Hope College Center a program of Boys Hope Girls Hope is now Lead Up!

Hope College Center, a program of Boys Hope Girls Hope is now Lead Up! Why the change? Over the past year, we have been listening to and learning from our community. In Lincoln, the number one problem identified by businesses expanding in our community is the availability of talent. Also, of the Lincoln Public School students that begin college directly after high school, only 38 percent graduate. With this knowledge, we realized we could build upon our experience, and design a program to address these critical issues. We believe that by altering our program, Lead Up will not only get more students to and through college but ultimately address a key issue facing our community: workforce development.

Lead Up, our new organization, connects youth to college and career. Through the power of mentoring, peer leadership and academic support, we transform the lives of underrepresented students who become drivers of economic development and growth. The past year, our first class of students have become experts in college going and career attainment. Over the next few months, they will prepare for roles as peer leaders and through formal internships, will lead industry-based cohorts of their peers to become fluent in the same information. These cohorts will be sponsored by local businesses, which by investing resources into their corresponding cohort, will be developing their highly qualified employees of tomorrow.

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