Just Starting High School? Our Senior Leader’s Advice for Freshmen.

IMG_1617Just a few days now until the start of the new school year.  While many students are enjoying the last lazy days of summer, the Lead Up Senior Leaders have been hard at work planning college and career events for the first semester.

With such beautiful weather to enjoy, a group of Leaders took a stroll over to the UNL campus. Talk about the start of their last year of high school turned quickly to reminiscing them that not long ago, they too were starting high school for the first time. With a few years of perspective, here is their advice for freshman everywhere.

1. Every year of high school affects your future so it’s important to get off on the right foot academically. “I’ll turn it around next semester, or next year” is too late.

2. Get to know your teachers. You’ll need their help and advice along the way.

3. Look into clubs and activities. It’s a great way to make friends and find a place you belong.

4. This is a fresh start so be yourself. Go your own way. Make new friends, try new things, and show off your own style.

5. Respect the teachers and the staff. Disruptions cheat your peers, and playing the clown at a teacher’s expense won’t make you any more likeable.

6. High school is super busy. Time management is critical to your success.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Getting extra insight from a teacher or seeking out a tutor, shows how strong you are.

8. Sign up for challenging classes- not just as many easy ones as you can find. Likewise, sign up for classes that are outside of your comfort zone. You never know – you might find your next great passion.

9. Work to improve and develop your study skills. Your life will be so much easier.

10. Appreciate your new surroundings and celebrate diversity. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in an interesting community.

Have a great year and enjoy every day of high school ahead of you. Believe us, senior year is right around the corner. 

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