Leading Up into 2018

Ah…the New Year.  That unique time when we are focused on reflections on the past and thinking about where we want to be in the future.

For those of us in the “college business” January marks not a new year but the middle; one of the busiest times as each of our leader cohorts move towards important milestones on the journey to college and career.

Our year-end reflection is yet to come, but we have many accomplishments to be proud of as we mark our 8th month as Lead Up.

1-1 Nakia
Our first leader to graduate, Nakia, will begin college this month. She will attend our partner university, Nebraska Wesleyan.
In October we hosted a Leadership Summit for fifty students who were chosen by recommendation.  Students worked on developing their leadership capacities with a first class line-up of facilitators including Kim Rathe, Director of Sourcing at Gallup Inc, T.J. McDowell, Nebraska Wesleyan University Vice President and Clayton Anderson, retired NASA  Astronaut.
Clayton Anderson and Lead Up Senior Leaders (1)
Also this fall, we successfully wrapped two fundraising efforts; Nebraska By Heart, a public art project celebrating Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial and our 2nd  Hops for Hope featuring 17 local brewers, which was completely sold out!
November marked the completion of a multi-month application process, with two new cohorts of student leaders being chosen to be a part of Lead Up.
We capped 2017 with “Stand Up With Lead Up” hosted by the Senior Leaders. The “career fair meets community service day” drew over 100 students and an interesting group of community professionals. We’re looking forward to the 2.0 version in 2018! See more of Stand Up with Lead Up  here… https://youtu.be/-kpZQNImv18

2018 promises to be an exciting year for Lead Up as we continue to grow and realize the impact our efforts are having on our students, partners and the community.  Do your New Year goals include finding a new outlet for your passion to help others reach their potential? If so, I invite you to consider becoming a part of the Lead Up story; as a Donor, Tutor, Committee Member or Event Volunteer.

From all of us at Lead Up – Cheers to a New Year: new graces, new opportunities and new chapters to write.

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