On MLK day…a Challenge to Lead Up through Volunteerism

The staff and student leaders of Lead Up join the nation in honoring the life and
legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

All across America, people are joining together to honor the timeless values he
taught us through his example — the values of courage, compassion, dignity,
humility and above all, service.

Dr. King lived his life serving others. Following his example, millions of
Americans will serve on Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service and countless
others will continue to serve throughout the coming months.

Every year volunteers help nonprofits all around the world make a substantial
difference towards the missions they fulfill. While they’re helping others, they’ll
also be improving themselves. According to research from the Volunteer Hub,
volunteerism has been shown to reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and increase
physical activity. The act of volunteerism also offers participants opportunities to
strengthen or gain new skills needed in a competitive job market.

Most importantly, when we volunteer our gifts and talents to others, we continue to
build Dr. King’s dream of a nation that “lives by its noblest principles of justice,
peace and righteousness.”

No matter who you are, you can be a part of Dr. King’s legacy, and in celebration
of this important commemoration, we challenge you to Lead Up through service to
others this year. Lincoln is home to many amazing and impactful agencies that
need your time and talent. Whether you are drawn to feeding the hungry, tutoring
those who can’t read or mentoring a young person who is struggling, there is a
place right here in our wonderful community to share your passion.

Take your first steps “Up” at http://www.volunteerpartners.org/. Or, if you’re
interested in propelling underrepresented students to college and success in career,
contact us at volunteer@leadupne.org

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