For Investors

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Providing pathways for businesses to invest in their own prosperity through education

Through College

A vast majority of students do not get the necessary career exposure needed to set a clear vision and purpose for attending college. The Lead Up experience motivates and inspires students to think about the connection between their degree and their intended career, and to select colleges providing the best fit, making the college experience more meaningful, and increasing the chance that they will persevere in the face of challenges.

Into Career

Lincoln’s businesses and industries invest resources and human capital to show our young people a wide array of career options, help them find careers that match their passion and ensure that they are making the right preparations for success in their chosen field, resulting in college graduates ready to contribute to the workforce and their community.

Growing Your Business

Businesses and corporations engaging with Lead Up are investing in the skills of their future workforce. They are cultivating a new generation of talent; a pipeline of skilled and diverse employees who will find opportunities in companies that have committed to their professional growth – and whose loyalty in return can have very real effects on corporate profitability.

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