Friday Night Forward

Read any good books lately?

That common ice-breaker is practically a mantra for all of us at Lead Up where we believe that one of the most effective things we can do to prepare our students for their future is to help them become strong readers.

Want to write a standout college essay? Read more. Trying to be the top applicant for an internship? Ditto. Reading broadens your perspectives and ideas through its windows on history, culture and the stories and ideas of people from across the globe. Need career advice? You guessed it! When one reads about the life of Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, or contemporaries like Lady Gaga or Malala Yousefzai, he is afforded a front row seat to how they overcame challenges and earned their success.

One Friday evening each month, Lead Up students gather for a very special evening exploring the written word. At these “Friday Nights Forward” we talk books, authors and writing, and spend a good deal of the evening “tasting” titles ending with the choice of a book to enjoy.

March saw our first Friday Night Forward and we featured a broad selection material including  banned books, traditional classics, and new contemporary authors – plus some staff and leader favorites.  Scavenger hunting, hidden covers and other mysteries to solve kept it interesting; along with some tasty pizza and themed desserts.

April’s tasting honors National Poetry Month by featuring poets of past and present and fun writing activities including a Lead Up Slam.

What are you reading these days?