Meet Mary

We encourage all Lead Up Leaders to utilize LinkedIn to leverage the power of networks. We asked Junior Leader Mary some questions about the career ambitions listed on her LinkedIn profile, here’s what she shared with us:

Mary is on a mission to become a pediatric nurse. The day we interviewed Mary, she had just returned from job shadowing a Respiratory Therapist, making her more enthusiastic than ever about her future career. She thinks it will be important for her to connect to nursing programs and nursing students which will help her get an idea of what nursing school will be like. Her ultimate goal is to see how others have achieved her dream and what they are doing to be the best they can be.

What Mary’s profile doesn’t tell you about her is how, as the oldest of seven children, she was drawn to pediatric nursing after taking care of her siblings and getting to see them “grow and expand” – both physically and mentally. This responsibility led Mary to her passion, while shaping her as a caretaker and leader.

Mary’s experience detasseling and working in dining services, has taught her patience and perseverance: “You have to be responsible, in the morning [you have to] actually get to work. You have to be mature enough not to mess around in the corn fields and get your work done.”

These experiences have given her the tools to stay committed to what she’s passionate about – not to mention, they also helped her achieve honor roll last year.  When asked how she accomplished making honor roll, she said it was a happy surprise:: “I took the time to study and I didn’t stress out about things. I just focused on learning.”

As a member of North Star’s Choir, Mary says what drew her to get involved was her family: “We all sing. I enjoy that everyone [in choir] loves doing what I do, which is singing and going out and spreading love, peace and happiness through singing. That’s nice.”

Looking to the future, Mary wants more hands-on experiences related to pediatric nursing and everything that’s involved in it: “I’m a visual learner and I need [those experiences] to feel like I’ve accomplished something.” She’s looking forward to many job shadows, interviews, tours and orientations that will help her “soar in [her] future occupation.”

Having set up her LinkedIn, Mary is hoping it will lead her to professionals in the community who have the same love for her desired occupation . She knows connecting with others will help her see how others have achieved their dreams.

We hope you will connect with Mary!