Networks for Success

“Networking is about doing what your mother told you to never do . . .talk to strangers.”

You’re Invited to Share Your Experience!

Boys Hope Girls Hope Collegiate Preparation Seminar Networking Workshop

July 27, 2016 — 5:30-7:00

The Non-Profit Hub,
211 N 14th St.
Lincoln, NE

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Professional networking is a requisite skill for success and yet it is not often taught or practiced as a part of preparing young people for careers or community participation. With your help, we’re changing all of that!

The perfect Volunteer Mentor:

o Has an interest in helping first-time college students develop their career skills.

o Is willing to donate their smile, their expertise and experience.

o Wants to make a powerful impact on an ambitious, first generation college student.

We guarantee a great experience:

o Professional facilitators will manage the evening.

o Scholars will be well-prepared in advance with workshops and professional reading.

o Boys Hope Girls Hope scholars are motivated and excited to learn. They jump in to opportunities to learn with both feet and a great attitude!

o You might meet someone new, too. A wide variety of professionals will participate.

Some Highlights of the Event:

1. Mock-tails and Chat

We’ll start off with a mixer. Scholars will practice participating in comfortable interactions through which they learn to start a conversation and discover the common links they have with other people.

2. Community Engagement

Many professionals develop networks by lending their talents and skills to community problems that interest them. In this exercise, Scholars will practice their group discussion and listening skills. Mentors and Scholars will break into small groups according to interest areas and then participate in a “community discussion” about their ideas to impact change. Possible topics: homelessness, animal welfare, the environment, attracting industry to a community, improving schools, food insecurity….

3. Advisors and Mentors

In this final exercise, Mentors and Scholars will group up in industry-related groups. The Scholars must then engage their group’s professionals in providing advice and counsel as they begin their journey into college and career. This might include discussions around what electives to choose, how campus involvement might prepare a student for their career, what kinds of college experiences enhance a first-time professional resume etc.

Come Out and Network!

To Register:

Questions? Contact: Antwane Collins, Community Resource Coordinator