Our Curriculum

Students prepare for college and career through targeted, research-based programming in 6 key areas:

Students learn to work as a team while exploring their strengths and talents, and those of their peers. As developing leaders, they learn how to engage and motivate others, how to set direction and implement ideas and how to effectively evaluate and evolve their efforts and contributions to greatest impact.

Lead Up helps students develop the speaking, writing and thinking skills upon which their work, learning and intellect will be judged; in college, in the workplace and in the community.

Career Fluency
Lead Up provides essential programming that helps students set college-to-career goals through broad-based knowledge of a wide spectrum of careers, and the academic and professional pursuits required to be successful in those careers.

Networks and Social Capital
Networks have long been undisputed tools for personal and professional success. Lead Up surrounds students with a diverse, dynamic network of people who are looking to invest in others by sharing their knowledge and experience.

College Knowledge
Applying for and attending college can be overwhelming – especially for students who are first in their families to go.  Students are provided with tools and resources as they search for, select and matriculate into a school that is right for them. Getting in is just the beginning. Once students head off to college, the program continues to challenge and guide, through a continually widening network of support and concern.

Often referred to as “life skills,”or in the workplace as “soft skills,” these competencies equip students to thrive in the classroom and the world beyond. In the Lead Up model we focus in the areas of productivity, social skills, initiative, financial literacy and living well.