Nebraska Wesleyan University
Nebraska Wesleyan provides opportunities for students and families to learn more about college and college life by funding on-campus events for Lead Up participants 1-2 times per quarter.  Wesleyan has also committed scholarship support to Senior Leaders completing the Lead Up program. NWU was chosen as the initial partner because of its long tradition of academic excellence, core commitment to diversity (those values supported by dedicated program, policy and resources) and the University’s strategic commitment to provide access to a broader group of Nebraska students desiring a high quality liberal arts college experience.

Current Partner High School: Lincoln North Star
Wesleyan and the Lincoln-based expansion team identified North Star High School to complete the collaborative trio. Strong school leadership was a significant factor in the choice, as was North Star’s commitment to and strategic focus on, increasing graduation and higher education participation overall, and specifically for African American and Hispanic student groups whose outcomes were found to be significantly lower than the overall school population. Need for services and support was also a factor. North Star has one of the largest English Language Learner populations in the city and is one of the city’s most diverse high schools. Over half of the students qualify for free and reduced lunch. Finally, the school’s culture is highly inclusive and faculty and leaders are proactive in their efforts to support opportunities for students in collaboration with community partners.  This environment seemed a positive one for the type of relationship we wanted to establish.

Plans to expand to Lincoln High School are in progress.


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