What is an Investor?

Commitment of financial and human resources
Through the commitment of financial and human resources, Investors ensure that students have the most accurate and up-close view of their future career options, while developing their own future workforce. Investors engage with Senior Leaders and Lead Up staff to provide programs and activities that expose students to career options, their own talents, what it’s really like to work in a particular field and what preparation is needed for the kinds of further education that will set them on a career path. Through these interactions, students will become fluent  in the critical success skills they will need along their journey; professional etiquette, workplace norms, diversity training, public speaking, candidacy skills such as interviewing and resume creation as well as active listening and internship preparedness.

Investors are organized into three broad cohorts that reflect their sphere of work and correlating college focus:  1) Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) 2) Business and Entrepreneurship, and 3)Arts, Humanities and the Social Sciences.

Each cohort is estimated to cost $50,000 to fund. Funding includes a salary for student leaders and activities associated with meeting programmatic goals.

Time Commitment
Participation in activities of your choosing is outlined at the Investor/Senior Leader meeting at the beginning of the semester. Support can be only financial, however we encourage participation as well to leverage the network!

Potential Cohort Activities

  • Participate in career talks with small groups of students….”My Career Path” or “How I got here.”
  • Host on-site workplace tours or, work with Senior Leaders to create virtual workplace tours.
  • Participate in mock interviews – preparing students for first jobs, internships and other opportunities.
  • Add your expertise to workshops such as professional etiquette or business communication.
  • Be an interview subject for a career podcast  i.e. “A Day in the Life of…” or “5 things I wish I would have learned about before starting college.”
  • Assist in the creation of unique experiences such as an: An Hour of Code, a crash course in marketing followed by a contest to find the best student-designed social media plan to launch a new product, take students on a world tour for World Architecture Day followed by a game of Towers of Hanoi or completing the Metropolis Urban planning curriculum, or  A “girls only” math career day

These are examples of what opportunities COULD be to leverage your investment. These will be planned at the beginning of semester meeting.


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