Why Invest?

A pipeline of qualified, skilled employees to help your business grow
Businesses and corporations engaging with Lead Up are choosing to invest in the skills of their future workforce. They are cultivating a new generation of talent; a pipeline of skilled and diverse employees who will find opportunities in companies that have committed to their professional growth – and whose loyalty in return can have very real effects on corporate profitability.

Although benefits will typically accrue in the future, they take a variety of forms, such as reductions in hiring costs, reductions in time-to-competence costs and reduced costs of turnover. A major benefit is that participation in workforce readiness produces a more diverse pool of qualified job applicants and ultimately, a more diverse workforce.

Current employee retention
Through their collaborative work with Lead Up, Investors can offer well-structured, meaningful opportunities for employees to share their time and skills to serve the community, and to impact a critical social issue. This can have a significant and immediate effect on attracting and developing the talent needed to drive their business.  Increasingly, today’s employees are entering the workforce with an expectation that volunteering will be a part of their professional careers. Price Waterhouse Coopers discovered that 88% of Millennials gravitated toward companies with pronounced Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices, and 86% would consider leaving if their employer’s CSR no longer met their expectations.

Once on the job, employees also feel better about their corporations — and themselves – while honing day-to-day skills and taking on new challenges that allow them to break out of their comfort zone. According to a Deloitte volunteer impact study, 91% of Fortune 500 HR managers said that “volunteering knowledge and expertise to a nonprofit can be an effective way to cultivate critical business and leadership skills,” such as project management, communication, goal-setting and evaluation.

Community Reputation
Engaging with organizations such as Lead Up allows an Investor’s customers to see and respect that business’ efforts to improve the community. It’s something that consumers expect: according to the 2011 “Pulse Survey,” 40% of a company’s reputation is determined by volunteering and corporate social responsibility.

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Why Invest?
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